Create your Twilight Story, this is your story.. Will you choose your own fate?
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 Main Story

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PostSubject: Main Story   Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:48 am

New Moon

Bella went off to save Edward at Volterra she ends up telling them that she would become one of them staying with Volturi if Edward gets to live. So Bella ends up turned by Aro as her father Charles Swan told his daughter died in Italy by car accident that she fell right into the river and drowned. She fake her death so her father wouldn't find her believing she was alive and she allow to return as dead corpse so her father would believe that Bella died.

After that they took in Bella as their own it was told towards Edward Cullen is not allowed to ever see her again by Volturi and even Bella herself blames him for appearing in the town in first place because he didn't everyone she care about wouldn't believe she dead. Even Jacob Black believe she died while going of to Italy in car accident on a taxi cab, Edward and his family fled to Alaska.
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Main Story
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